1. We Love The RPAL Team!


“We love the RPAL team! The dog food, treats, and supplies are top notch and help us save so much money. They are highly responsive to inquiries and always asking how they can improve our experience. Awesome service to the animal rescue community!”

- Anna B., Houston K-911 Rescue

2. We Couldn’t Afford To Do This Without RPAL.


“How has RPAL helped us? The better statement is “How has it not.” We have been members for several years and foster for DFW Lab Rescue. We specialize in puppy litters. Our most recent is a momma with TEN puppies. This is a LOT of potty pads and FOOD! We couldn’t afford to do this without RPAL.”

- Bunny F., Foster DFW Lab Rescue

3. RPAL Is Such A Blessing.


“Rescue is a constant struggle-the needs are great and the resources are few. That is why RPAL is such a blessing. With their help we are able to stretch our financial resources just a little bit further. I’m grateful that they have branched out and now have an Austin location and are always looking for ways to improve services and available products.”

-Mary-Ellen P., Cats’ Angels

4. Keep Them Healthy And Well Fed!


“My many rescued and special needs kitties as well as my feral colonies are so happy with the wonderful & delicious cat food I am able to provide them through R-PAL! And I am so grateful to be able to give them such high quality food to keep them healthy and well fed! Thank you from all of us, R-PAL!! God bless you for your wonderful work!”

-Linda W., Foster SpayMart



“Since DAWG started, RPPAL has been an integral part of our success. A steady supply of healthy, nutritious food at a very reasonable price means we can focus our efforts on adoption and transports, and not have to worry about feeding out pets. RPAL has been a TREMENDOUS asset, and we can’t recommend them enough!”

-Stephanie P., Denison Animal Welfare Group

6. Big Shout Out To RPAL


“Big shout out to RPAL for helping me feed my feral cat colonies. Also helps me help other people with smaller cat colonies! Love you guys!!”

-Susan R., Independent Rescuer.

7. A Great Resource


“RPAL has been a great resource to fall back on for an affordable way to keep our rescued animals fed with other donations sources run dry. It helps knowing that the resources are in place when we need them.”

-Dana H., Pet Angels Rescue

8. Huge Help And We Are Very Grateful


“Texas Animal Society picked up their first order from RPAL in December and all our fosters are thrilled with the quality and cost of the dog food and treats. We look forward to placing our next order. As a small local rescue group we like our budget to be used for vetting our animals in the program and assisting public spay and neuters. To get a help with food for the dogs and cats in our program is such a huge help and we are very grateful to have a partnership with RPAL. Thank you all!”

-Jacqueline B., Texas Animal Society

9. R-PAL Continues To Be A Huge Blessing


“R-PAL continues to be a huge blessing to our rescue efforts! They go above and beyond to make sure rescues and shelters have access to quality food and supplies at an affordable cost, and they go the extra mile to make it as easy and convenient for the rescues as possible! Thank you for all you do to help us help the animals!”

-Heather P., The Cat’s Meow Rescue

10. Helps Me Out A Lot


“Helps me out a lot with food for my feral colonies especially since I do this by myself and get no donations. Thanks.”

-Edna H., Independent TNR Rescuer

11. Underweight Dogs Back To Their Magnificance


“I foster Great Pyrenees and Pyr mixes, specializing in hospice care and long term medical care. Currently my smallest dog is about 95-100 pounds. R-PAL has made affordable kibble, soft food, and CBD oils to make bringing these underweight dogs back to their magnificence.”

-Toni H., Foster

12. Thanks To R-PAL The Bassets Eat Well


“I foster basset hounds for 2 rescues and having quality food that I can afford for the fur kids is wonderful. Thanks to R-PAL the bassets eat well.”

-Donna F., Foster

13. A Life Saver


“There is no way to ever thank you enough for all you do to help the dogs and cats in our care. You have been a life saver for them and for us, we are so appreciative! All of the extra items you have like pet pads, treats, etc. in addition to the excellent food, is so helpful! Many Thanks!”

-Teresa H., WAGS

14. RPAL Is Such A Life Line For Us


“Judy and the RPAL Team help us as the rescuers so much. The cost alone for vetting these dogs is outrageous. So the name brand dog food, treats, flea meds, potty pads, etc. we get through RPAL is such a life line for us. And we appreciate more than words can say for their help and kindness. Thank you on behalf of my rescue.”

-Victoria C., Kennels of Cottingham Rescue

15. Blessing To Help Us Feed Our Foster Animals


“The discount food has been a blessing to help us feed our foster animals. We are so grateful to get to be a part of this program!"

-Cheryl G., Chasing Miracles Animal Rescue

16. Very Impressed


“Julee and I have used R-PAL twice now and are very impressed!! The food is excellent and at a great price. The R-PAL team are so organized and efficient – from ordering to pick-up is super easy and pleasant. So glad they are now in Louisiana, and all the kitties agree!!”

-Marion L. Pokey’s Community Care Caretakers, Inc.

17. RPAL Is A Lifesaver!


“RPAL is a lifesaver! I feed strays, pound dogs and fosters. Without the quality dog food at fantastic prices, I wouldn’t be able to afford to help as many as I do. Thank you for what you offer to independent rescues like me!”

-Charli B., Independent Rescuer

18. RPAL Has Done A Fantastic Job


“RPAL, has done a fantastic job on acquiring quality dog food. This has certainly helped the fosters, and adopted pets to have been healthy. Which in the long run, makes better pets and happier for all involved!”

-Jane B., Independent Rescuer

19. Feed Same Quality Food


“RPAL has allowed us to feed the same quality food to all our fosters at a budget kibble price. It is nice to know that we will always have access to quality kibble and not have to switch to anything we can afford or get donated. We also have been able to take advantage of treats, toys and other items for our foster dogs. This has been helpful for budgeting and the nutrition of our fosters.”

-Kim M., Great Dane Rescue of North Texas

20. PUGtastic!


“Without R-PAL and the high quality dog food offered at greatly reduced pricing, fostering would be expensive when you care for multiple dogs that require a high quality, usually grain free, dog food to get them back on their feed. I don’t know how I could afford to foster without them! R-PAL has truly been a blessing to the rescue community. Thank you so much for all that you do – continue the wonderful work!”

-Marti S., Foster Mom DFW Pug Rescue



“RPAL is PAWSOME! They help in so many ways and not just with food! They have so many other great products! Customer service is EXCELLENT! And pickup is made very easy and efficient! Great job!!!”

-Susan A., Independent Rescuer

22. Thank God for RPAL!


“Thank God for RPAL! They help more than they will ever know. This operation runs like clockwork and makes it so easy for you.”

-Lori D., Northside Humane Society

23. Thank You For Helping Keep My Rescue Going


“Without you over the last three years I have no idea what we would have done. You are very fair, give us high quality food, with awesome pricing, wonderful service and always willing to go the extra mile. I thank you for helping keep my rescue going”

-Wilma G., Mr. K’s Pet Shelter

24. We Would Not Be Able To Save The Number Of Dogs


“On behalf of Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc. I wish to thank RPAL and the businesses that support the work of RPAL. With the dog food and discounted pet supplies, we would not be able to save the number of dogs we currently have coming into the program in Texas.”

-Celia R., Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc.

25. RPAL Has Been THE Key Factor In Providing Quality Dog & Cat Food


“RPAL has been THE key factor in providing quality dog and cat food for the animals in our care. Without RPAL we would be forced to use cheaper brands of food which does not help when it comes to nursing back to health the dogs and cats that we receive into our care. Most of the animals we take in tend to be in bad shape and RPAL is our GO TO source for quality food, pet supplies and some medical supplies. RPAL has even been there for us in a BIG way when we needed food but had no money, without them I’m not sure what we would have done. RPAL is a well-run and managed 501c3 that is a Godsend to the various Rescues that are signed up with them.”

-Tim R., Texas Regional Animal Rescue

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