RPAL IS NOT a Retail Store – RPAL is a Non-Profit Low Cost Food Bank an as such has very specific Procedures and Terms of Membership. To maintain your membership in good standing you must comply with all Terms of Membership and follow procedures otherwise you could not only jeopardize your membership but the entire program. If you feel you cannot comply with these Terms or Procedures then RPAL is probably not a good fit for your organization and we ask that you withdraw your application. Thank you!

1. You Agree, Understand and Guarantee that any and all products received from RPAL WILL NOT, WITHOUT SPECIFIC RPAL APPROVAL:

  • Be given away to anyone outside your group
  • Donated to anyone outside your group
  • Auctioned
  • Passed on to others in any way (This includes the public, rescues or shelters not registered with RPAL, breeding and/or boarding facilities)
  • Resold
  • Bartered or Traded
  • Taken in for Refund
  • Transferred in any way

2. ONLY Approved RPAL Member Organizations, their fosters and volunteers in good standing may order products from the RPAL. No other individual or group is allowed to order products from RPAL without specific permission from the RPAL

3. ALL Information obtained from RPAL is “RPAL CONFIDENTIAL” and may only be shared within your rescue group or shelter members. As a term of your membership you agree that you, your group, or fosters will not share ANY RPAL information with anyone outside the RPAL Network without the expressed written permission of RPAL.

4. RPAL works very hard to establish relationships with manufacturers, distributors, donators, etc. and as a condition of your membership we require that you work within the RPAL framework. As a condition of your membership we require that you agree that you will not contact our business contacts directly without the expressed permission of RPAL, as this could jeopardize programs for everyone and would be cause for immediate termination of your RPAL membership.

5. You Agree to NOT Request or Commit to Products if:

  • you cannot pick up on the scheduled distribution date
  • you are not firmly committed to going forward with your commitment
  • you cannot comply with ALL the procedures and terms of an offering or pick up instructions

6. You understand that All RPAL products are offered “AS IS” “WHERE IS” with NO warranties expressed or implied and there are NO Refunds or Exchanges of products.

7. You agree to release and hold harmless RPAL, Rescued Pet Adoption League. directors, employees, warehouse workers and/or volunteers for damage to products, yourself or volunteers of your group should anyone be injured while loading or simply visiting the RPAL Rescue Center or any location where products are distributed.

8. You completely understand and agree that if you or anyone in your group is found in violation of any of the terms and conditions presented here to your group, associates, volunteers and members could be either suspended or removed from the RPAL Rescue Center membership permanently.

Thank you for taking the time read the RPAL Terms of Membership. If for any reason you feel you or your group members will not be able to comply with these Procedures and/or Terms of Membership—please withdraw from the RPAL Network at this time by emailing the RPAL Team at Help@R-PAL.org


RPAL Rescue Center:
106 Business Circle
Terrell, TX 75440
  Toll Free 1.888.473.7725
Email: Help@R-PAL.org
PO Box 279
Emory, TX 75440