Although we welcome donations, we also BUY by Semi-Truckload(s) of Dog & Cat Foods or other close-out pet-related products PLUS we will PAY freight from anywhere in the U.S.
One (1) Pallet OR a Full Semi-Truckload(s), we are ready to roll with one (1) phone call.
  • Near Date
  • Past Date
  • Overruns
  • Surplus
  • Design Changes
  • Dented Cans
  • Plain Bags
  • Samples
  • Packaging Issues
  • No Open/Torn, please

EASY - 1 CALL Does It All - we have the experience to get the big trucks moving quickly and we don't tie up dock space or employees with multiple vehicles loading.

RPAL ONLY works with Approved, Registered member organizations of the Rescue & Shelter community so we do not touch your retail supply channels.

Looking to give back or for a tax deduction RPAL is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization and all donation are welcomed and appreciated.

"R-PAL is a trusted partner to our organization. They are dependable and provide a great service to their members. Judy is always timely with her correspondence and easy to work with. We value our relationship with R-PAL and look forward to building it further in the future."
- L.M., New York

CALL RPAL TODAY! 1.888.473.7725 OR Email Help@R-PAL.org