Joining RPAL

January, 2016 The RPAL Team has distributed nearly 3 Million Pounds of Food and other products to the registered RPAL Members since the programs inception in June, 2009.

RPAL Rescue Center: The RPAL Rescue Center is located at 106 Business Circle in Terrell, Texas and the Center includes a Members Only Rescue Center where we stock a variety of High Quality Foods, Medical Supplies and Pet Related Products that are donated or purchased at either wholesale prices or close-outs.  Those major savings are then we passed on to our members with a minimal Program Service Fee. The center is also where we stock and hold distributions of products

RPAL Products: The RPAL Team searches and brings in a variety of different donated and purchased products for Companion Animals from all over the United States these products include anything that may help the animals in need.

  • Dry & Wet Dog & Cat Foods
  • Treats
  • Fundraising Products: Magnets, Pet Tags and more
  • Medical Supplies including syringes, needles, IV sets, catheters and even sutures
  • Bedding
  • Stainless Steel Bowls, Buckets, Feeders
  • Crates & Carriers
  • AKC Style Kennels and Cover Systems (2nds)
  • Collars & Leashes, Training Leads, Harnesses, Training Harnesses
  • Clothes
  • Flea Treatments (Topicals & All Natural Diatomaceous Earth)
  • Grooming Supplies (Shampoos, detanglers, medicated and non-medicated, brushes, clippers and more)
  • Aluminum Waste Scoops with Adjustable Handles
  • Housing & Cleaning Supplies-Stain & Odor sprays, Rubber brooms that are great for picking up hair
  • Milk Replacers
  • Toys
  • Travel Accessories
  • Vitamins & Supplements (Phycox, Missing Link, Salmon Oil, Lysine, Taurine, Amber Technology Homeopathic products)
  • Wormers-Including Worming Pills that treat Whips, Hooks, Rounds and Tape Worms, All Natural Diatomaceous Earth, Ivermectin, etc.)
  • Variety of Sprays like Fabric Sprays, and Allergen Sprays, Vetericyn Wound and Infection Sprays)
  • Disposable Potty Pads
  • Diapers-used for all kinds of uses besides just diapers, can be used in a Swiffer unit, replace paper towels, belly bands and just a variety of uses.

Muenster Dog Food: After searching high and low over the last year and half for foods, the RPAL team rapidly discovered there are just not enough donations in the universe to feed all the companion animals we need to feed. When we received grant funding last year we realized very quickly that the least expensive dog and cat foods on the market, even at wholesale, still had a much higher cost than we wanted to spend. With that thought in mind, the RPAL team collaborated with Muenster Milling to purchase dog and cat food direct from their factory in Muenster, Texas. Muenster offers high quality Dog & Cat Food, Made in Texas, using All USA Ingredients and since RPAL is buying direct we save our members a great deal of funds.

Fundraising Products: The RPAL team is always on the look out for products that our members might resell at auction or events. Currently we have magnets, pet tags and even pet related sterling silver jewelry.

RPAL Grants: RPAL writes grants asking for Grant Funding to help buy food for our members so that we can pass it on to the RPAL Members FREE.

RPAL Educational: Interested in applying for your 501c3 ask the RPAL Team for what is required or how to get started.



RPAL Rescue Center:
106 Business Circle
Terrell, TX 75440
 Toll Free 1.888.473.7725
PO Box 279
Emory, TX 75440