Our Mission

To Help You Help Them Save 1,000's upon 1,000's of rescued dogs, cats, birds and rabbits lives every day while in the care of RPAL's member network of registered Rescues & Shelters awaiting forever homes.               

Our Strategy

Provide high quality premium brand pet food, medical supplies, and other pet related products to registered RPAL Rescue & Shelter Member Organizations either Free or at drastically discounted pricing.                 

 Our Services

RPAL has 10 locations across Texas and Oklahoma and has currently distributed over 5 Million pounds of food to 245 Rescue & Shelter organizations whom are collectively supporting over 10,000 dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and even hamsters everyday while they await forever homes.

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RPAL Is A "BULK CASH BUYER" on Dog & Cat Food,  Pet Related Products and Medical Supplies in ANY condition.

We ALWAYS PAY THE FREIGHT TO US, whether you have 1 pallet or an 18 wheeler full we have trucks ready to roll anywhere in the U.S.

EASY - 1 CALL Does It All - we have the experience to get the big trucks moving quickly and we don't tie up dock space or employees with multiple vehicles loading.

RPAL ONLY works with Approved, Registered member organizations of the Rescue & Shelter community so we do not touch your retail supply channels.

Looking to give back or for a tax deduction RPAL is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization and all donation are welcomed and appreciated.

"R-PAL is a trusted partner to our organization. They are dependable and provide a great service to their members. Judy is always timely with her correspondence and easy to work with. We value our relationship with R-PAL and look forward to building it further in the future."
- L.M., New York
CALL RPAL TODAY!  1.888.473.7725 Help@R-PAL.org 

RPAL Approved Members are carefully screened and selected Animal Rescue & Shelter organizations that have passed our application process. This insures all products are distributed within RPAL's stringent guidelines to rescued pets with the highest need.

  • Up to 90% OFF Retail Values Plus FREEBIES
  • High Quality Premium Name Brand Dog, Cat, Bird & Rabbit Food
  • Consistent Weekly and/or Monthly Food Availability
  • No Membership Fee
  • No Minimum or Maximum Order Quantity
  • Choose Products by Brand or Specifics
  • Bulk Pallets Available
  • Various Pick Up Locations in Texas & Oklahoma 
  • Coming Soon to Louisiana
  • Weekday Pickup
  • Delivery Option in DFW Metroplex 
  • Online Store where you can View All Products Available, Order, Pay and Schedule Pick up in one easy location
  • Your Group Fosters & Volunteers benefit too as they also have access to get what they need to Help You Help Them!

 Join RPAL Today at www.R-PAL.org

   “On behalf of our rescue group, I wish to thank R-Pal and the businesses that support the work of R-Pal. Without the dog food and discounted pet supplies, we would not be able to save the number of dogs we currently have coming into the program in Texas”                           - Celia R., Texas 


You Can Help.....

  • Support your Local Shelter & Rescue Groups
  • Foster a rescued dog or cat
  • Volunteer to Walk a Dog
  • Pet a Cat
  • Read to a Dog at a Shelter
  • Sponsor a Rescue Or Shelter
  • Make a donation in your pets name
  • Adopt a Rescued Pet
  • Spay & Neuter and educate others on the benefits of spay & neutering their pets.
  • Volunteer your skills in admin, social media, marketing, web building, etc.
  • Educate children on proper care and handling of dogs & cats
  • Become a RPAL Friend
  • Take towels or bedding to a shelter or rescue
  • Buy food and treats for a rescue or shelter
  • Start your own rescue or shelter
  • Educate your children on how to treat pets
  • Buy a Bag of Food for a Rescue
  • Step in to help in emergency situations
  • Save a Life Today - Adopt!


"RPAL Friends are an amazing group of individuals and corporations that come together to create the synergy needed to Help Save 1,000's of Rescued Dogs, Cats and Ferrets Everyday! "
                                  -Michelle R., Texas  
We Help You Help for more information Click here

Becoming a part of the RPAL Team gives you a amazingly easy and fun way to help feed and support not just 1 rescued dog or cat but 1,000's every day while they await their forever homes.   

The RPAL Team consists of like minded positive people and corporate partners creating the synergy together to not just help and support these rescued pets currently in the care of our member organizations but also gives those organizations the capability to save even more lives as a result of the services we provide.
**Virtual Assistant
**Educational Seminar Coordinator
**ALWAYS Need Volunteers to Foster A Pet for one of the RPAL Members

"I originally came to RPAL to get food for my foster dogs and as I  watched the team there, was amazed at the dedication to helping animals and I offered to volunteer.  It has been such a rewarding adventure - I have seen the multitude of rescues and shelters coming to RPAL, have heard them talk about how RPAL is their saving grace and have seen their rescued pets in such great health due to the high quality foods offered at RPAL.  In my eyes I have gone from not only helping my fosters but a network of thousands of rescued pets and to me that makes volunteering at RPAL totally worth every minute."

-Heather M., Texas 
 Join the RPAL Team today
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RPAL Fulfillment Center
299 Park Row
Van, Texas 75790

Toll Free 1.888.473.7725

RPAL Mail:
PO Box 279
Emory, TX 75440