Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do we have to be a Non-Profit 501c3 organization?

A.  No, RPAL does not require a 501c3, however, you must be actively involved in the Rescue/Shelter community and provide adequate references to participate in RPAL programs. 

Q.  Does RPAL accept City, County or State run Shelters? 

A..  Yes, will just need to provide proper credentials and management approval. 

Q.  Do we have to be a member of RPAL to get products & services? 

A.  Yes, you do have to join RPAL to gain access to all products offered by RPAL.

Q.  Is there a Membership Fee to join RPAL? 

A.  No Membership Fee to join

Q.  How do we Join RPAL? 

A.  Simply click on the "Join" tab above and fill out the appropriate RPAL Application form    

Q.  How will we know if we have been approved for membership? 

A.  The RPAL Team will send you a Welcome letter and Procedures via email.  To maintain your membership with RPAL in good standing it is extremely important to familiarize yourself and your group with the procedures and terms of membership.   

Q..  How will we know what products are available? 

A.  RPAL offers all food, medical supplies and pet related products at the "Online Store" which is updated weekly with new products - it is important to check back frequently to see what may be available at any given week.. 

Q.  How do we gain Login information to the "Online Store"?

A.  Send an email to and request your Login information.

Q.  Who can shop the "Online Store"?  
A.  Only registered, RPAL Member organizations, their fosters and volunteers in good standing.
Q.  Does RPAL give food or other products to the General Public or Individuals?

A. No, RPAL ONLY works with the Rescues and Shelters involved in Animal Rescue, their Fosters and Volunteers. 

Q. May registered members of RPAL give products to others outside RPAL registered membership.

A. No, that would be in direct violation of the Terms of Membership

Q.  RPAL Slogan is “We Help You Help Them” How do they do that?

A. The RPAL team works all day, every day to Help You Help Them by providing registered RPAL Members , their fosters and volunteers of the Rescue/Shelter community with food and other pet related products either FREE or at highly discounted rates thereby freeing funds normally used on these products to use on more urgent needs like medical expenses.

Q.  Who is RPAL? 

A.  Rescued Pet Adoption League (R-PAL) is a registered  Non-Profit Texas corporation established in October, 2007.

Q.  How is RPAL Rescue Center related to Rescued Pet Adoption League (R-PAL)?

A.  RPAL Rescue Center is one of the programs and initiatives established by RPAL to further extend the reach of how many People & Animals In Need that could be helped.

Q.  Does RPAL receive donated and purchased products from manufacturers and others?

A.  Yes, in fact RPAL will hire and send an 18 wheeler to travel to any city in the United States to pick up donated or purchased products that will, in turn be distributed to the RPAL Members. 

Q:  What is the RPAL Program Service Fee (PSF)?

A:  RPAL does not have a benefactor and has cost just like any other business.  The Program Service Fee (PSF) was established to help cover costs associated with buying and finding products, cost of freight  to bring products to the RPAL Rescue Members, a warehouse distribution facility to store & distribute those products from, as well as respond to RPAL Member personal disasters or Texas disaster needs.  The fee is minimal and varies depending on the cost associated with bringing the product to our members.

Q:  What happens if the Program Service Fee (PSF) exceeds Freight or other cost?

A:   The funds are then used to help defer future and other costs to acquire and distribute food or other pet related products.

Q.  What other costs are associated with acquiring food and products to be distributed among RPAL Members? 

A.  Cost Examples:

  • Products Purchases:  RPAL locates and pays for near day, out of date, damaged, any products that may be of service to the RPAL Members.
  • Trucking:  RPAL will locate and pay for 53 foot semi-trucks that can hold up to 43,000 pounds of products to go anywhere in the United States to pick up food and other pet related products.
  • Communications:  Telephone and the internet are tools used to find food, arrange transport, research the market for potential donators, and communicate with members about upcoming distributions of products.
  • Office Supplies:  Paper, ink, labels for products mailed directly to Network Members, printing packages that are mailed to manufacturers introducing the RPAL Donation & Distribution Center, what we do and how their products are benefitting the many.
  • Postage:  Mailing Grant Packages and Donator request, as well as other miscellaneous postage needs 
  • Travel Expenses:  If we travel to Pet related manufacturing expositions to  solicit donations personally.
  • Warehouse:  RPAL Rescue Center maintains 7,500 sq. ft. warehouse in Terrell, TX, providing storage and distribution capability for incoming products and products that are slow to move such as treats, canned foods, and medical supplies.
  • Warehouse/Logistics Center:  Occasionally the RPAL Rescue Center is so full of product, it became important we had a location for overflow so RPAL established satellite type warehouses to handle any overflow of products that may become available.
  • Equipment:  Fork Lifts and pallet jacks for unloading, moving products around the warehouse and reloading onto members vehicles/trailers.  

Q.  Is it true RPAL Rescue Center Responds to Major Disasters or Emergency Relief?

A.  Yes, RPAL is listed with the Texas Animal Health Commission as a source for companion pet foods and medical supplies and the RPAL Team is prepared to respond within a moment’s notice if needed.  In 2011, RPAL was called on by one of our supporters, to travel an assess needs in the Central and North Texas Fire Disaster Zones so that they could send in food where needed. The Program Service Fee also helped us respond to these disasters.

Examples of Emergency Needs: 

· RPAL responded and took food and other supplies to help those in the Fire Disaster Zones in West, Central & Northeast Texas. 

· A Rescue group storage unit was broken into and all of their food was stolen, RPAL responded and delivered food to them.
· Took food to a Supervised Rescue where they needed help with food or other items while bringing the animals to safety.
· Responded to the Tornado Victims needs with dog & cat foods
· Responded to Network Member that took in over 55 dogs surrendered by a Breeder closing down
· Responded to members that had developed cancer and needed short term help with food while going thru treatments 

Q.  Why does RPAL offer Purchased Products?

A. The RPAL Team found very early on in our search for donated products there are just not enough donations to go around and we needed to be able to provide additional affordable products to help the RPAL Members subsidize donations or lack of donations.  In 2012, RPAL was very fortunate to be approved to purchase foods direct from Muenster Milling in Muenster, Texas.  Muenster makes a variety of high quality, dog and cat foods made in Texas using USA Ingredients and by buying direct we are not only able to save our members a great deal each month , but dogs may be put on the same food each month rather than constantly mixing other products. 

Q.  We heard RPAL has some items available that our group can use in our own fundraising efforts, is that true?

A.  Yes, the RPAL Team is always on the look out to find other sources of income for your group, however, to maintain your membership in good standing it is very important to clear passing on products to others with the RPAL Team.

Q.  What happens if our group violates the Terms of Membership?  
A.  Your group membership will be immediately terminated!  We do not offer temporary suspensions only terminations. 

If you have any other questions about RPAL, please feel free to call on us Toll Free 1-888-473-7725 or Email




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