Paws For Thought.....
                           written by Judy Griggs, RPAL Team
   If you turn a stallion into a gelding or a bull into a steer, then why not turn a male dog into a gent?
   Are any of the male species less than they were because they were fixed so they could no longer produce offspring?

Seems the statistics on this issue will show that they are not less than they were and in fact, they are better. The gelding is calmer, the steer concentrates on grass and the dog is a gentler, calmer, happier and healthier pet.

Statistics show 13,000,000 animals are killed in shelters every year in the United States; that number does not include the ones dumped or abandoned, left to be killed by coyotes, run over, shot or that die from starvation.

Certainly we should fix the females too; female puppies can go into season as young as 6 months. Did you know a female can produce offspring from 10 different males? ‘Tis something to ponder.

   These days in most all areas of the USA you can conveniently and inexpensively turn that dog into a gent and become a part of the solution to help reduce the population of unwanted litters.

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