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ISSUE:   It is estimated that approximately 5 to 7 million companion animals (dogs & cats) enter animal shelters nationwide every year and approximately 467 are killed every HOUR.   This heart-wrenching fact does not account for the millions of companion animals abused, neglected and abandoned in the United States every day that never make it into a shelter.

RPAL Mission: Save Lives!

RPAL Objective: RPAL provides Free and Highly Discounted Pet Food, medical supplies, general supplies and other related services to a current and ever changing registered 91 member organizations and their members from the Rescue Shelter community in North Texas whom are collectively supporting to date 5,580 dogs & cats every day while they await their forever home.   By providing these products and services to our member organizations it affords them the opportunity to redirect funds to other more urgent needseHelp like veterinarian expenses, heartworm treatments, spay and neuter surgeries, vaccinations, special rehabilitations ultimately saving more lives and placing pets into forever home that otherwise would have been euthanized. (Member feedback and testimonials attached)

RPAL Strategy:  The RPAL teams works to create the synergy needed among manufacturers, distributors, foundations, and supporters to achieve our mission by providing the following:

1. Free and Highly Discounted Pet Foods – RPAL Member organizations collective Annual Food Need is 1,212,530 Pounds or $702,625.00 of dog and cat food.  The RPAL Team works to fulfill this need by providing a variety of donated and purchased foods which is then passed on to our member organizations either free or at highly discounted prices.  We accomplish this feat through established relationships with manufacturers and distributors across the United States to receive donated as well as purchase foods and will send and 18 wheeler anywhere to pick it up. 

2.  Free and Highly discounted Pet Related Products – RPAL 3,000 sq. ft. Rescue Center in Terrell, Texas offers a wide variety of other pet related products like crates, kennels, bedding, toys, flea treatments, grooming, adoption package items, fundraising products and so much more that we purchase at either wholesale, bulk or close-out pricing.  (Additional Logistic/Warehouse facilities in Irving, Texas can handle as many as 50 truckloads of products if needed)

3. Medical supplies – RPAL Rescue Center also provides members with a variety of donated as well as purchased medical supplies like wormers, supplements, Vetericyn sprays (helps fight infection) syringes, needles, IV sets, vet wraps, gowns, gloves and so much more.

4.  Fundraising opportunities – RPAL purchases manufacturer’s mistakes at rock bottom prices, enabling the RPAL members to then sell at events thereby earning funds to help the pets in their care.

5.  Educational & Networking workshops: These workshops teach the business side of rescue, provide a venue to network among others, ultimately achieving greater self-sufficiency and long term sustainability.  Workshops topics include: Incorporating, Filing for Non-Profit Status, Social Media, Grant Writing, Fundraising, Business Planning, Web Designing, Pet Nutrition, Rescue Sustainability, Dog Naturalist (herbal remedies), Shelter Relations and so much more.

6. Emergency Food Reserves in case of personal illness, like cancer, job loss, member organization unexpected large intake due to puppy mill surrenders or other unexpected influx of pets or natural disasters.

7.  RPAL Emergency Response Team is on standby at all times to respond with food and medical supplies in case of natural disasters like the fires and tornadoes that ravished Texas communities, and most recently responded to the disaster created by the Oklahoma tornadoes. (RPAL is listed with the Texas Animal Health Commission for pet food & medical supplies 

RPAL Member Testimonial:

“RPAL has been THE key factor in providing quality dog & cat food for the animals in our care. Without RPAL we would be forced to use cheaper brands of food which does not help when it comes to nursing back to health the dogs & cats that we receive into our care. Most of the animals we take in tend to be in bad shape and RPAL is our GO TO source for quality food, pet supplies, and some medical supplies. RPAL has even been there for us in a BIG way when we needed food but had no money, without them I'm not sure what we would have done. RPAL is a well-run and managed 501c3 that is a Godsend to the various Rescues that are signed up with them.” Tim Reim, Texas Regional Animal Rescue

“RPAL is incredibly important to Animal Allies of Texas' rescue efforts - without the services they provide (food, supplies, seminars, and more), we would not be able to rescue the number of dogs & cats that we do. If we had to pay for everything that we get from RPAL, we would have to scale back our rescue efforts by at least 1/3 and probably closer to 1/2. The food they provide is particularly important to us.” Kim Innes, Animal Allies of Texas

“Since our organization, Paws 4 FurrEver Pets has been receiving dog and cat food from RPAL, we have been able to DOUBLE our Rescue Rate!!” Val Thomsen, Paws 4 FurrEver Pets

“Without RPAL support and ability to work and acquire low cost food, free food, discounted dog and cat supplies we could not exist.  The RPAL Team works tirelessly to help procure the items we need on a daily basis.  Working with R PAL you are not just helping one or two rescue groups in the greater DFW area, you are helping hundreds of groups that save the life of thousand dogs and cats each year.  Just us St Cloud’s Rescue use 80 lb. of dog food a day.  That equates to over 29,000 lb. of dog food a year.  Many of us do not have big budgets or corporate sponsors to help us bay our bills.  We rely of RPAL to assist us with the quality products they purchase or negotiate for. If you are one of the many firms that provide product to R PAL we applaud you and your corporation for helping us save the lives of thousands of animals.” Rosemary Adkins Cloud, St. Clouds Rescue 


“It is very difficult to get monetary or food donations to assist with the care of feral cats.  This is where RPAL has been a tremendous help to us. I cannot express enough how much easier RPAL makes it for us to be able to provide for those forgotten cats. There are just not enough words to express our gratitude how RPAL helps us help the cats.” Sonya Parker, Director  & President, New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

“RPAL helps our dog and cat rescue survive. It is so hard to keep going and keep up with the demand of the animals suffering. RPAL helps provide food and supplies which are so hard to get and a must. They share their knowledge and never seem to be afraid to share their resources. They are a true nonprofit and truly help keep us going.” Stacey Wampler, Pet Connectors

“RPAL has been invaluable to our group for the last 3 years by providing us access to high quality foods, supplements and supplies at a fraction of retail cost, RPAL helped us care for our fosters in a way that we could simply not afford otherwise.  We always want to feed our foster pets premium foods and provide them with the best of everything.  Without RPAL, we could never be able to do that on a consistent basis, for the numbers of rescued animals we are helping.  RPAL literally is enabling us to save more pets and take better care of our fosters than we could possibly do on our own.” Dianne Wood, Protective Animal League/PAL

“RPAL provides us with the top quality food needed to rehabilitate many of the dogs.  We couldn't begin to afford to purchase at regular, or even sale, retail prices.  Ditto other needed items like crates, bedding, food bowls, toys, collars, simple medical supplies and so much more. RPAL's mission statement says, "Help you help them."  That, they most certainly do!” Saving Pyrs In Need (SPIN), A Great Pyrenees Rescue in the DFW area.


“I am fairly new to the RPAL Organization, but I just want to say that without RPAL and all of the products and service offers (like insurance card offers from vendors, I absolutely COULD NOT AFFORD TO GO ON.  The first class quality of food, medications, and equipment offered at such a reasonable price is what enables me to take care of as many dogs as I have.  Without RPAL, I could not do what I do.” Vickie Feltner, Red Dog Haven

“R-PAL has been a godsend for Good Shepherd Rescue of North Texas!  Rescuing large breed dogs is a huge expense.  Prior to partnering with R-PAL, we were spending $250/week to feed our rescued German Shepherds and that cost is now about $250/month.  In addition, access to low cost supplies and medications has encouraged people to foster dogs for our rescue.  Having more fosters homes, allows us to save even more dogs.  The only negative thing we can say about R-PAL is that we regret not partnering with them sooner!”    Kathleen Higgins, Good Shepherd Rescue of North Texas

“Because of our partnership with RPAL, we were able to double the amount of dogs we rescued in 2013 and hope to continue to save more lives on an ongoing basis.” Karen Bowden, Twisted Branch Aussies

“On behalf of Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc., I wish to thank R-Pal and the businesses that support the work of R-Pal. Without the dog food and discounted pet supplies, we would not be able to save the number of dogs we currently have coming into the program in Texas”  Celia Robinson, Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc

“The work RPAL does to help us is priceless and we cannot tell you how much we need and appreciate what RPAL does to help us do!  Last year we re-homed over 600 dogs and cats and without the assistance of RPAL to feed them we would not have been nearly as successful.” Eva Sepulvado, Partnership for Pets of East Texas

“As a trend, donations to rescue organizations nationwide are down...a sign of the times and R-Pal has stepped in to see that we get help in many ways to allow us to continue our quest to rescue and save these precious animals”   Sheila Brown, DFW COCKER SPANIEL RESCUE

“R-PAL provides a wealth of resource to nonprofit groups like TXSR.  With their support we are able to save more lives and make a larger impact on the community.  They provide healthy and tasty food that our kitties depend on.”  Alisa Lee, Texas Siamese Rescue

“RPAL is an invaluable to us in the rescue community.” Kelley Rice, Maine Coon Rescue

“Dear R-PAL without you I would not have been able to afford my foster's in 2013.  I lost my job and dog food was just getting to expensive until I found R-Pal with the help of all that you do and all that you keep for the animals I was able to afford dog food and keep my personal dogs and the fosters.  To me it’s all about the animals.  You have great advice and great products to help all.  I hope to have many years of service with you.” Lilly Lopez

“I could NOT do this volunteer work without the help of RPAL and their wonderful low prices.”  Bunny Frost

“Because of R-PAL and the great service they provide our rescue is now able to make our funds go further and help more dogs and cats.” Vickie Wintrich, Texas Little Cuties (TLC) Rescue

“DFW Pug Rescue Club relies on R-Pal to help us to provide low cost quality food for our foster pugs.  We distribute the food we buy to many of our foster volunteers to help them offset the cost to care for the homeless dogs in their care.  Their ability to provide this food is invaluable to us.”  Lisa Cassell, DFW Pug Rescue ClubeHelp

December, 2013

RPAL up to 2,201,629 pounds passed on


July, 2013

RPAL Emergency Reserve to the Rescue 

 Did you read about the July 24th seizure of 103 Brittany Spaniels in Thibodeaux, Louisiana? (Click here for details) 

RPAL Member

Pattie Nitschke (left)

 Brittany Rescue in Texas

Read More in the Brit Newsletter

Earlier in July one of the RPAL members Pattie  Nitschke called asking if we could help with food to assist in an upcoming seizure of Brittany Spaniels.  We are happy to report that after reviewing the needs, the RPAL Emergency Reserves provided 3,200 pounds of Muenster Dog Food giving each dog an estimated one (1) month supply of food and then the RPAL team helped arrange trucking to get 1/2 of the food to Louisiana and the other 1/2 was picked up at the Rescue Center by Rescues involved.  We also supplied plenty of Vetericyn, John Paul Pet Care and a lot of Waste Bag holders. 

All Paws Up!!!!!   

To RPAL's Wonderful Supporters Muenster Milling, Innovacyn (makers of Vetericyn)  and John Paul Pet Care as well as GALT (Greyhound Animal League of Texas) for passing on their monthly Adoption donations to the Emergency Reserves. 

Thank you one and all for Helping Us Help Them

May, 2013

Disaster Relief for Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Medical Supplies (Syringes, Needles, IV Sets, Catherters and more), Vetericyn, John Paul Pet Wipes, Iodine Shampoo, Disposible Potty Pads, Toys and more were delivered to Central Oklahoma Humane Society and the Animal Rescource Center to assist in Helping People & Animals in Need.  Thank you so very much for all our supporters that are always there to Help Us Help Them!

Also, a Very Big All Paws Up to Purina "Pets for People" for providing a variety of pet food and litter through the Purina Pets for People Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Program.

RPAL Emergency Reserves

Helped several times in 2013 from assisting RPAL Members with severe health issues as well as during 2 (two) different Puppy Mill Owners Surrendered a large quantity of dogs and short term food aid was needed.  Each ermegency request for food is handled on a case by case basis.

March, 2013

1,500,000 POUNDS

Hooray!  RPAL exceeded the 1.5 million pound mark on March, 2013 and we would like to take this opportunity to Thank the many supporters that have helped us help them!  We could not do this without your help and support! ALL PAWS UP!

January, 2013

RPAL NEWSLETTER Paws for Thought...

RPAL Announced the Opening of our New Online Pet Store where as always 100% of All Profits goes toward Helping Rescued Animals In Need!

Please Help Us Help Them and Shop for all your pet related products at www.NonProfitPetStore.org

   RPAL Vision for the NonProfitPetStore is to use the profits to establish a foundation where we will be able to grant funding to the Rescue/Shelter community in need.  Thank you for Helping Us Help Them!

July, 2012

Muenster Milling Helps Us Help Them and You Can Too!



Rescued Pets Eat FREE with Muenster  www.muenstermilling.com

>For every bag of Muenster Natural Dog Food you buy RPAL gets another 1 pound of dog food.  To find a store close to you go to


>Adopt a dog or cat from a RPAL member and RPAL will receive another 1 pound of dog food.

>Do you know a specific RPAL Rescue or Shelter Member and you want to get them food?  If yes, just click on any one of the donate buttons on the right, put the name of the Rescue or Shelter you would like to receive food and we will insure they get that food added to their other donations.


 RPAL Has a New Facebook Page 

Please take a moment to Help Us Help Them "Like" & "Share" us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/R-PAL


Manufacturers and companies are looking to social media to see who they would like to

 donate to.  This is such a simple, easy way you can Help Us Help Them!


March, 2012

1,021,693 POUNDS

Hooray!  RPAL exceeded the 1 million pound mark on March 15, 2012 and we would like to take this opportunity to Thank the many supporters that have helped us help them!  We could not do this without your help and support! ALL PAWS UP!!!!!!


Disaster Relief for Texas Tornado Victims


RPAL Emergency Dog & Cat food reserves have been shared with the Tornado victims in North Texas with over 1,000 pounds of dog & cat food distributed.

December, 2011

Wow! Grants are Here!!!!!!

We are so very pleased to announce RPAL has been awarded five (5) different grants in November & December of 2011 to help support our mission to "Help People & Animals in Need".  Thank you to ASPCA, Petco Foundation, Build-A-Bear Bear Hugs Foundation, Glide Foundation and PetSafe Ethos Fund.  100% of all proceeds went to purchase dog & cat food and was distributed FREE to the RPAL Network Members that are collectively feeding as of this writing 6,241 companion animals Every Day!



RPAL Aids Humane Society of Marion County after Fires Ravish 50,000 acres



RPAL idea that achieves $9,000.00 Emergency Spay/Neuter funding **Click Here to Read how RPAL played a role in that success


Fire Relief for Texas Towns

R-PAL Emergency Disaster Team answers the call delivering medical supplies and food to Fire Ravished cities in Texas 20 hours and 1000 miles Read More>>>


935,693 Pounds & Counting

R-PAL Rescued Pet Food Bank & Distribution Center 935,693 pounds and counting

In 2011, RPAL decided to focus exclusively on the Rescued Pet Food Bank program that serves the Rescue/Shelter community as well as providing Disaster Relief to those in need.  Since 2009, this program has distributed over 935,693 pounds of dog and cat food as well as other pet related products to a network that is currently comprised of 100 Rescues, Shelters and Independent Rescuers that are collectively feeding 7,244 pets on average EVERY DAY (4,780 dogs, 2364 cats, and 100 ferrets) while they await their forever homes.  Additionally, RPAL Rescued Pet Food Bank responds to disaster request all over the State of Texas and maintains an emergency reserve of food & medical supplies should the need arise we will respond immediately.


Who Is R-PAL ?

R-PAL (Rescued Pet Adoption League) is a Non-Profit 501c3 Animal Welfare Texas Corporation that was established in April, 2007.  RPAL program synergy is created by a team of Positive People Creating Positive Results for People & Animals in Need.  Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to working with you!

 R-PAL Historical Programs & Initiatives                          

  • RPAL Pet Donation & Distribution Center
  • Disaster Response Program
  • Meals on Wheels Collaboration to provide Seniors with pet food
  • Spay & Neuter Program
  • Free Housing for Hounds
  • The Gideon Legal Defense Fund
  • Multi-Pet Rescue
  • RPAL Kids
  • RPAL Dog Rescue Initiative has saved over 1,600 lives to date
  • Write educational articles in a newspaper column called "Paws for Thought"
  • Collaborated on the song "Rescue Rocks" with James Nitsche
  • Collaborated with "Linens for Animals" to provide much needed linens to the Rescue/Shelter Community
Over 2.2 Million Pounds PlusRPAL Judy
Lives Saved

Bravo was hit by a car and left unable to walk, yet still alive!  He was in the middle of eastbound Interstate 20 when CLAW of Canton rescued him

   Bravo today

Meet Mr. Bean, he was dumped on the side of the road with his siblings left to be run over or eaten by Coyotes, RPAL Rescue Team Saved Him!

bean today


harley beforeMeet "Harley". I saw him laying in a ditch on the side of the highway in October of last year. I thought he was dead. As I approached him, he tried to stand up and get away but didn't have the strength to move very fast. I picked him up and rushed him to our Vet. He was severely emaciated, dehydrated, anemic, and was loaded with fleas and ticks. We got him on IV fluids, antibiotics, removed all ticks and de-flead. Of course he tested HW positive, so as soon as he was healthy enough, he received treatment. Here he is today, living the high life with me and watching over my little "foster babies" just as Pyrenes' love to do:) 

Dana DeMay

Rowlett Animal Adoption

"Helping the Helpless"

harley tody






ALL PAWS UP To our Product Supporters and Please take a moment to click on the links below to check out the Rescue/Shelter tested and recommended products for your pet.

 Cloud Star Dog Treats

 Del Monte Pet Foods

 Fromm Family Foods

 Hagen Water Systems

Innovacyn, Makers of Vetericyn "Miracle" Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal Spray

John Paul Pet Products

Merrick Pet Care

Missing Link Supplements

Muenster Milling

Natural Balance

Ohio Pet Foods

Petco Foundation


Pet Naturals of Vermont Dog Treats

Purina "Pets for People"

Stella & Chewy's Food & Treats

SoBright Natural Pet Products


Disaster Supporters

Purina "Pets for People"

FIDO, Treats & Toys

American Wrappers

Texas Metro Wildlife

Robin Hamilton, DFW Lab Rescue

Grand Prairie Fire Dept.

Plum Crazy Ranch

Innovacyn, Makers of Vetericyn "Miracle" Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal Spray

John Paul Pet Products

North Texas Rescue/Shelter Community

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